Youth across the globe must overcome adversity on a regular basis just to enjoy some of life’s simpler pleasures. Our core belief lies in that all human beings, regardless of their geographical location or socio-economic status, deserve the opportunity to pursue their passion, especially children.

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Take a Lead Cuba (TALC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to raise funds for the purchase of baseball equipment for youth leagues in Cuba. We believe that by making this contribution, we are not only helping these children pursue their love for the sport, but we are also bridging a communication gap between two nations.

The ability to excel and thrive in sports should cross all borders for the world’s youth. It is our moral duty to set aside our national differences and allow Cuba’s youth to engage in this right. Together, our two nations can come together in solidarity of the game that is so dear to our hearts. Often times it takes the help of organizations such as ours to assure that those in less advantageous circumstances are given the opportunity.


Our Story

Why me? Why Cuba?

The answer is simple, my passion for baseball and the call to help other kids led me to focus on an awakening nation where kids and baseball are both a key to the future goodwill of our countries. Living in the United States, an American child has far more opportunities to thrive in any given field, whether it’s playing baseball in the major leagues, becoming a doctor, or a future president. With hard work and perseverance, dreams can and do come true. Cuba has generally remained a mystery for most Americans, despite the fact that it only lies 90 miles off of Florida’s coast, but despite their problems, they have a love of baseball, so we have a common love!

For many American kids growing up, playing baseball has been a part of our heritage and national identity. The same can be said for children in Cuba with the major difference being that overcoming extraordinary obstacles, like obtaining food and other basic necessities that we take for granted, is something that is part of their daily life. Access to some basic items, items as simple as an Internet connection or a baseball mitt, can often prove to be challenging for any person living in a nation where so many things are controlled by the state. Our first trip to Cuba occurred after several months of fundraising activity. TALC’S fundraising efforts secured enough capital to purchase baseball equipment that was ready to be donated.

On our first visit, we located a community little league in the Diez de Octubre district in Havana where we organized a special game on a Sunday afternoon. At the game, we were stricken and humbled by seeing the kids have to share one helmet for the entire team and play with just three old torn balls. Instead of using solid bases on the field, the kids relied on flour sacks as their bases. This was certainly an eye-opening experience that further validated our cause and intentions to have an impact in the lives of these children. But there was no greater validation and satisfaction than seeing the sheer joy in the eyes of children after we presented them with buckets full of new baseballs, mitts, and other equipment for their team. To say that the children were grateful would be an understatement. And to say that the children’s welcoming reciprocity was enough for us to go home with a sense of “mission accomplished” couldn’t be further from the truth. It only proved to us that this was the beginning of a very important relationship between TALC and these children and many others like them across Cuba.

Part of our foundation’s conviction is that we can set aside our political differences and reach out to the most innocent of all of us through positive means. Every child in every nation deserves the opportunity achieve their full potential no matter how unseeingly impossible his or her environment may seem. In the process, we can learn a lot about our neighbors and we can learn a lot about our roles in the world.

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How You Can Help

Every dollar that we raise goes directly to benefit the kids, there is no overhead or costs withdrawn from the donations by TALC.

With your support, we can help the children of Cuba continue to pursue their love for baseball. Your contribution will help TALC in purchasing additional baseball equipment for many other youth leagues like the one in the Diez De Octubre district. Any contribution will have a huge impact in the lives of these kids. Please donate what you can now, no matter how small a donation you make, it all helps!

Currently Not Accepting Donations

Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future!